WAT tape & Sustainability

WAT tape & Sustainability

Lately, several companies have been choosing to switch to the use of water activated tape (WAT) for the various advantages it offers to packaging companies and end customers. Since this tape provides an indissoluble bond with the carton of the box, the sender can be sure that the package arrives at its destination safely and the recipient will be satisfied to receive an intact package, with a pleasant and professional appearance. Another further advantage of WAT is that the tape material is made of paper, which makes it totally environmentally friendly and can be disposed of in a single solution with the packaging.

WAT not only provides a permanent bond with the carton but also helps protect the environment, which is a common quality people demand when buying from specific brands. How can water activated paper web provide sustainability? Check out the article below for more information on how sustainable paper tape can benefit you and the environment.


Sustainability may not seem like the most significant element, but it’s important to know that switching to WAT not only saves money, increases productivity, and helps market your brand, it also greatly protects the environment. If we think of the millions of tons of plastic tape (which by the way does not even offer a secure and evident seal against tampering) that is collected from landfills every year, we cannot remain insensitive to the problem of environmentally friendly disposal to support the environment. Too much plastic ends up in landfills where it could take up to 1,000 years to decompose with potential polluting infiltrations into the soil and aquifers. There are estimated to be over 100 million tons of plastic debris floating in the oceans threatening the health and safety of marine life. We believe the above is, on its own, a valid reason to change the current state of things and switch to the use of WAT water activated tape which, if used well, will also save money.

Savings on material costs

With WAT, you only need a strip of tape to seal your package tightly compared to the different strips of plastic tape that are generally used for the same operation. This will obviously save money on the necessary resources and reduce the amount of plastic materials in circulation. Freight forwarders generally tend to use several strips of plastic tape to try to protect their packaging. To avoid this problem, many companies then make the mistake of buying cheaper tape in an attempt to reduce tape costs. This solution certainly leads to poor sealing of the packaging closure, thus exposing the same to greater risks of tampering / unauthorized opening attempt. If we want to make a cost / benefit comparison, it is evident that the initial cost of the plastic tape is lower than WAT but if several strips of tape are then used to close the package, the initial economic advantage quickly disappears and in the end WAT it is less expensive, and more effective.

WAT benefits

Water activated tape has several benefits and sustainability is just one of many. What else can water-activated tape do? Find out below:

Theft: WAT discourages theft because it is difficult to remove without leaving obvious signs of tampering. WAT literally merges with cardboard. Theft during the shipping process usually occurs because it is “easy” to do and, given the long transit chain of packages, “difficult” to discover. With WAT, the theft attempt does not go unnoticed along the entire transit route.

Cost effectiveness: On a daily basis, WAT is often more expensive than pressure sensitive plastic tape (PST). However, since only one strip of tape is needed to seal a package tightly and staples / strapping can be eliminated if present, the differential disappears as, as mentioned, shippers often use two to three strips of plastic. PST. The effectiveness of WAT is then consolidated by the fact that companies derive further cost savings due to the lack of theft / unauthorized opening of the packaging.

Climatic conditions: Unlike the plastic tape, WAT works very well even in extreme conditions of cold, heat, light, humidity and dirt, maintaining its bonding properties and sealing sealing of the package.

Branding: Branding is an important element for the growth of companies. Using a water activated tape, the company can easily propose its own logo or a particular message, directly on the tape, combining the aesthetics of the packaging with a professional image of the package, keeping the brand in the foreground when it is delivered. at your Client’s home or office.

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