Less than a decade has passed since the Industry 4.0 discourse first emerged in manufacturing realities, but the precursors are already foreseeing the next revolution: Industry 5.0.
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If Industry 4.0 emphasizes the transformation of factories into intelligent facilities using cognitive processing and interconnection via cloud servers, Industry 5.0 (Collaborative Industry) will focus on returning human hands and minds to the industrial context, where there will be full integration between man and technology / machine.
Today automation is implemented by the digitalization of production. The goal is to increase profitability, efficiency, speed and quality, to ensure greater competitiveness for companies that have embarked on the path towards innovation that the historical period requires.

The constant demand, in all sectors, for modern machines and systems, is completed with the integration of intelligent data management through Identification and Localization systems.

In the Digital Enterprise, industrial processes require total transparency. The ability to collect and process data in strategically relevant points of the industrial process is increasingly a crucial factor for the long-term commercial success of a company.

EVi offers solutions that reduce the gap between the real world and the digital one, creating greater potential for its customers by adding value along the entire production and logistics chain.

EVi develops the production of complex components and / or equipment with a wide range of variants and a high degree of customization.

EVi can respond more quickly and efficiently to the demands of customers and the market, simultaneously improving the quality of products.