Recyclable, Compostable, Biodegradable

"Recyclable, Compostable, Biodegradable": How are the differences determined?

Automotive & Green Solutions

This solution does not create "polluting" plastic waste

Pluriball – G

Pluriball-G is an extremely innovative biomaterial of mineral origin.

Controlled Handling and Transport System

Move and control in absolute active and passive safety

How to make packaging closure more sustainable and safe

For companies that want to be competitive and respectful of the environment, it’s now essential to be able to guarantee sustainability and safety of packaging closure.

EVi Film Program Offer

Stretch films for stretch wrapping, shrink wrap and micro-perforated shrink wrap


The extreme construction simplicity makes KARGO ETS also available for the creation of tailor-made models


The ETS trolley is a fast, light, silent and economical piece of equipment that cannot be missing in a large warehouse.

Packaging & Sustainable Packing

The demand for ecological packaging is no longer an alternative trend but a vital necessity that leads to an ever-increasing attitude towards consumer sustainability.

EVi-Cube: packaging safety and perfect eco-compatibility

The EVi-Cube range is designed for shipping and packaging environments that aim for production efficiency, active/passive safety of the operators and guarantee of packaging closure.