Packaging & Sustainable Packing

The demand for ecological packaging is no longer an alternative trend but a vital necessity that leads to an ever-increasing attitude towards consumer sustainability.

EVi-Cube: packaging safety and perfect eco-compatibility

The EVi-Cube range is designed for shipping and packaging environments that aim for production efficiency, active/passive safety of the operators and guarantee of packaging closure.

Strategic objectives: One question …. and many answers!!!

Would you save money, speed up the process, improve packaging safety and be completely green in the disposal of your packaging in a single solution, simply by using water-activated tape?

Green Packaging: Solutions for Companies/Customers and Environmental Respect

In recent years, the procedures for packaging, shipping and disposal of packaging have undergone significant changes that greatly influence the daily life of companies and end customers.

Water Activated Tape, Dispenser & Sustainable Package

The need to securely seal cartons and boxes, to prevent theft or loss of property during the transport of goods, is inexorably directing the sector to the use of WAT tapes

Neuromarketing & Packaging

The application of neuromarketing in the world of packaging and its design

Plastic Tape VS Water Acitvated Tape

When it comes to choosing between plastic, pressure sensitive tape (PST) and water-activated paper tape (WAT), it's a good idea to consider all the active and passive factors that gravitate around the shipping process.

Sustainable e-commerce: How important is the “weight” in packaging

Over the past two years, the e-commerce sector has capitalized on a huge operational experience driven directly by the market.

Promoting SUSTAINABILITY becomes strategic for virtuous companies

In the field of sustainability, attention to sustainable practices related to any sector and level, is now a fundamental requirement to be able to aspire to a constant and lasting development over time.

How much is green packaging worth in marketing strategies?

the packaging must respond to some specific objectives: to communicate, ensure and respect the environment.