Facing with increasing pressure on business costs, an increase in energy charges and the issue of increasingly stringent environmental regulations, services are a fundamental competitive factor in any production sector.

To the above, we must add the expansion of multifaceted requests from the market which push industrial plants to operate at the highest levels of productivity and efficiency.

EVi supports their customers with products, systems, applications and services related to the entire life cycle of a plant, helping to reduce downtime and optimize the use of personnel and resources to increase productivity, flexibility and the efficiency of the plants.
EVi offers a series of maintenance services with control and scheduling of activities for the entire life cycle of your plant.

In this regard, it should be noted:
  • Product consulting service
  • Consulting service for planning, design of new industrial solutions
  • Consultancy service for modernization of industrial plants
  • Scheduled maintenance service of equipment
  • "Just Now" specific assistance service
The goal of our services is to increase productivity to reduce costs.
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