How much is green packaging worth in marketing strategies?

How much is green packaging worth in marketing strategies?

The initial question must find a right deepening, if we consider how many times we have been guided by the packaging in the choice of an article rather than another. The care and attention that this particular topic deserves, are certainly rewarded when customers will have to choose how to propose and protect their goods.

Whatever the product to be conveyed, we should therefore ask ourselves how to create the right packaging for our marketing strategy: Packaging is no longer a secondary element, but becomes fundamental in a strategy with a strong communicative impact.

If we then want to go into detail, let’s ask ourselves if it is enough for a product to be useful, functional and necessary to push a consumer to buy it. The answer is definitely, no;  in fact, it also matters how that particular product is presented, the way it is packaged, and the degree of protection with which it is packaged.

The “historical” main function of packaging is certainly that of packaging, or protection of the product from the various external factors, such as possible shocks, humidity, burglary …. to which today we must add other important functions, ranging from the informative to the aesthetic one then encroaching on the design (for high-level activities ) to end with ecological compliance and environmental impact.


The most immediate way to communicate to the customer the solidity of the packaging and its contents is precisely the packaging, understood not only as packaging of the product itself, but as presentation of  the product during the entire “journey” to destination.  With the massive presence of e-commerce on the market, large companies, but especially small and medium-sized companies, need to communicate with strength and great impact towards the customer, their attention (marketing) regarding qualified safety and respect for the environment.

Packaging&Marketing o Marketing&Pacakaging……

The right alchemy of the two concepts becomes fundamental because, if it is true that “marketing” has to do with “placing on  the market”, packaging certainly cannot escape from the strategic logic of this science and must respond to some precise objectives: communicate, ensure and respect the environment.

Communicate: convey the characteristics of the product, and a wider range of meanings related to the values of the Brand.

Ensure: ensure that the packaging and its valuable contribution are best treated and protected.

Respecting the environment: promoting and encouraging the use of environmentally friendly materials through green packaging ensures great visibility and appreciation to the Brand.

Precisely this last note deserves an in-depth study, in particular, of the multiple possibilities of highly qualified green materials to be able to respond effectively to the development of an increasingly circular economy.

The development of solutions that can then be included in the certification as a domestic compostable material, certainly becomes an offer that the market cannot underestimate; composting, one of the most natural recycling systems in the world, describes a process in which living microorganisms break down organic matter making it assimilable by nature.

Respecting the environment and ensuring a more sustainable future for all is a responsibility that each of us has towards our planet and the people who populate it. Even when you make your shipments you can do your part; to know how?

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