Green Packaging & Future

Green Packaging & Future

With extreme attention and great passion, the packaging sector is increasingly turning its gaze to the “GREEN” theme by designing and putting on the market products and materials that are environmentally and cost-conscious without losing sight of the necessary functionality and the degree of protection that packaging must have during the transport of objects.

On a daily basis, the issue of commitment to safeguarding the environment is at the center of the agendas of public and private institutions across the planet. If, until recently the commitment to a generic “reduction of pollution” was an activity left to the common sense of the individual citizen or single company, today the ecological approach has fully entered into legislation, national and international, in public and private budgets, and in the various market trends.

In practice, this “item” can no longer be ignored or postponed to future generations.

The forecasts and scenario above emphasize the reasons why green packaging is the products of the future.

In a tangible and proactive way, green packaging is proposed at the beginning of the shipping procedure as a virtuous example, attentive to policies and attitudes that encourage a circular economy; otherwise, continuing to support the current situation would mean not only facing the risk of sanctions, but also ignoring market trends and consumer demands.

Legislation & Developments

In 2015, the year of the Italian EXPO, the UN promoted the so-called SDGs-Sustainable Development Goals, which are a series of objectives for sustainable development; 17 “goals”, aimed at implementing the circular economy in a system capable of “preventing the generation of waste, extending the life cycle of products, promoting reuse and maximizing recycling”.


In Europe, the interest of the EU in the circular economy has also affected the world of packaging; in particular, with the 2018 Packaging Directive, the Commission established that by 2025 each Member State will have to recycle at least 65% (which increases to 70% by 2030) of its packaging waste, differentiated by category.

Recently, again on the subject, the European Commission is intensifying its efforts to guarantee concrete and applicable development programs in the individual Member States.

Every day, EVi makes its experience available to develop additional specific needs that can meet the expectations of the customer, the environment and the rules that will govern the world of green packaging.

The proposal of perfectly environmentally friendly closing systems that can be disposed of in a single solution with the packaging and packaging solutions with natural and 100% biodegradable materials are some of our concrete answers.

More information on the subject is available for consultation directly (https://eEVI s.r.l. | Packaging solutions (

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