The established production processes of the global economy are predominantly linear: extracting the necessary raw materials, producing an asset and then disposing of it at the end of its useful life.

This Take-Make-Waste model is now unsustainable and is even more accentuated by the annual increase in the planet’s population, climate change and ever-increasing environmental degradation.

The need to provide sustainable life for all thus becomes a universal goal.

Valid solutions are being sought from many quarters; for example, the European Commission has set itself the short-term objectives that by 2050 net greenhouse gas emissions will no longer be generated, that economic growth is dissociated from the use of resources and that no person and no place are neglected.

By synthesizing, emulating natural life cycles and eliminating the concept of waste, with a “circular economy” the goal is that all products and their components become “food” for other systems; biological (returning to nature), technical (returning to industry).

At EVi, we try to provide innovative solutions that identify packaging as the fulcrum of the circular economy inherent in our sector.

Sustainable packaging, innovative design and alternative materials to plastic.

The challenge is to minimize the impact of product packaging on the environment, without sacrificing quality.

The “system” requires it, the companies ask for it, the consumers worried about the growing amount of waste that invades our cities, dispersing into the environment and into the sea, ask for it.

Reducing the amount of waste and making packaging increasingly sustainable is one of EVi’s priorities today.

Packaging should be understood as a resource, because it performs a series of essential functions in the life cycle of a product. The challenge is to work on materials, design packaging and the equipment that processes them more intelligently, to encourage recycling at the end of their life.

With perfectly environmentally friendly closing systems that can be disposed of in a single solution with the packaging and packaging solutions with natural and 100% biodegradable materials, EVi makes its experience available to develop further specific needs that can meet the expectations of the Customer, the environment and of the new rules that will govern the world of packaging in the immediate future.

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