Proposing the choice of eco-sustainable packaging is not just an ethical, economic, technical or marketing issue; often, the packaging is the meeting point between the consumer’s request and the producer’s offer. The environmental issue can no longer wait: the emergency of global pollution and the rise in temperature has given rise to important legislative mechanisms and processes that encourage the use of green material for the protection and packaging of packaging.

The issue is that packaging is not just the packaging or a simple packaging; very often it is an appreciated advertising vehicle for a message aimed at consumers, an added value to a brand that, by identifying and promoting itself respectfully for the environment, increases its image on the market.

The packaging of the future will only be eco-sustainable.

The choice of packaging is obviously influenced by the trends and opinions of consumers but, mainly, it must comply with the Legislative Regulations relating to sustainability and safety.

On the subject, EVi offers natural, sustainable and 100% biodegradable solutions that allow, at the end of the product life cycle, to return to being organic material thus preserving the environment.

In particular, we have storage bags and pouches which, starting from the concept of “good packaging”, as well as being extremely functional and innovative, meet the demands relating to environmental sustainability, the quality of the materials that compose them and the role they can play when packaging will have ended its useful life.

We offer materials such as:


One of the most important materials ever, with very specific advantages when it comes to the environment. Jute is a highly biodegradable material; the antistatic and insulating properties also make it the protagonist of safe and aesthetically pleasing packaging. Jute is a material with very low thermal conductivity; being hygroscopic, it also manages to moderate humidity.


Organic cotton has many more advantages than organic cotton which is currently the most widely cultivated. Organic cotton farming is attentive to the environmental issue and represents a way to prevent global pollution; moreover, it is an ethical cultivation.

In the production of standard cotton, pesticides, toxic solvents or the same metals and resins are used. An organic cotton packaging, on the other hand, represents a much more ethical and correct choice towards the planet.


One of our “leading” and extremely innovative materials that we should use more often for product packaging, is CANAPA. One of the oldest known types of fiber, hemp has been used for centuries to make ropes, sails and tents because it is resistant to even the most extreme climatic conditions.

Natural, the origin of the fiber is vegetable;

Sustainable, grown without the use of fertilizers and chemicals;

Biodegradable, at the end of the product’s life cycle, it returns to being organic material while preserving the environment.

Furthermore, CANAPA offers Sun Protection, in fact it filters 95% of UV rays; tinted with selected dyes, it has the best performance of fastness to sunlight and bad weather;

Stability, it has a strong toughness and excellent stability even in the presence of moisture;

Resistant, to contact with sea water and chlorine;

Durable, to abrasion and tears, more than all other vegetable fibers;

Soft Touch, particularly appreciated for its freshness and high transpiration capacity in nature.

With a special waterproof and stain-resistant “ECO” treatment, CANAPA fabrics are treated with a special finishing; the raw fabric is washed with a natural soap extracted from the fermentation of lemon to cleanse any type of wax and oil. A special highly concentrated silicone treatment applied to the surface creates an invisible waterproof layer; its molecular structure 2000 times smaller than water gives the fabric mechanical waterproofing: the drops of water dance on much smaller spheres that do not allow them to penetrate through the fabric. The “ECO” treatment is PFOA-free and is obviously resistant to washing, safe in contact with the skin and respectful of the environment.

Proposing innovation and eco-sustainable packaging means, according to EVi, openly supporting the green philosophy and giving concrete answers to the new environmental needs that are shaping our immediate future.

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