Neuromarketing & Packaging

The application of neuromarketing in the world of packaging and its design

Plastic Tape VS Water Acitvated Tape

When it comes to choosing between plastic, pressure sensitive tape (PST) and water-activated paper tape (WAT), it's a good idea to consider all the active and passive factors that gravitate around the shipping process.

Sustainable e-commerce: How important is the “weight” in packaging

Over the past two years, the e-commerce sector has capitalized on a huge operational experience driven directly by the market.

Promoting SUSTAINABILITY becomes strategic for virtuous companies

In the field of sustainability, attention to sustainable practices related to any sector and level, is now a fundamental requirement to be able to aspire to a constant and lasting development over time.

How much is green packaging worth in marketing strategies?

the packaging must respond to some specific objectives: to communicate, ensure and respect the environment.

Green solutions for packaging: eKo-paper strapping

To better integrate sustainability into every area of the production cycle, EVi offers this interesting solution: eKo-paper strapping.

CO2 EMISSIONS: Reduce the environmental impact, from logistics to production materials

Lowering greenhouse gas emissions on the planet more and more is now necessary to reduce the environmental impact.

Are you ready for 2022

With the end of the year just around the corner, it becomes a must for everyone to plan how best to maximize their energy and performance, to be ready and responsive in 2022.

Green packaging: how the packaging of the future is developing

The problem of environmental pollution is a very important global phenomenon and is an extremely topical topic in Italy and in all European countries.

GREEN Action Task Force

Now more than ever, eco-friendly packaging has become a priority for manufacturers and customers.