Promoting SUSTAINABILITY becomes strategic for virtuous companies

Promoting SUSTAINABILITY becomes strategic for virtuous companies

In the evaluation of virtuous companies, it is increasingly impactful to highlight some fundamental criteria such as sustainability, respect for the environment, social responsibility and corporate governance.

In  the field of sustainability, attention to sustainable practices related to any sector and level, is now a fundamental requirement to be able to aspire to a constant and lasting development over time.

In support of the above, it is no coincidence that the various national and international government authorities are preparing important economic development plans by making available significant resources to companies that identify sustainability (especially in the green area of ecological transition, renewable energy and sustainable mobility) as their interest in growth.

To complete the global vision of the topic, we also highlight that financial markets  are increasingly focusing their attention on environmental and social factors.

The above is found in an extremely tangible way by the fact that more and more investors are sensitive to sustainability when they have to decide on how and what to invest, in addition, companies are increasingly engaged in undertaking strategies with environmental, ethical and social implications.


In light of the growing interest in sustainability, it is therefore not surprising that demand and supply of “responsible” investments have been increasing rapidly in recent times;  with this scenario, supported by market demand, “responsible” investments, i.e. those that focus on environmental, social and governance realities, find important space.

Companies that will first focus on investments or projects where respect for the environment, social responsibility (towards those who work there and the context in which it is inserted), will certainly have greater opportunities to take advantage of the resources made available for the green development of companies.

So is investing in sustainability worthwhile?

At the financial level, the answer is yes; in light of the latest post-pandemic situations, sustainable funds have proven to preserve capital and, in general, investments in the “green” field appear to have a greater and stable long-term return.

The entry of the “green world” in the field of financial investments, has in fact evolved all the Legislation; in 2020, a European measure such as the Sustainable finance disclosure regulation (SFDR) took its first steps and from January 2022, the European operation of the law on the taxonomy of eco-sustainable activities is being outlined.

Crystallizing the topic in order to evaluate the best development actions to be undertaken, it is highlighted  and found more and more that, every single green commercial activity, is acquiring a fundamental importance considering that the company is / will be evaluated not only on the basis of financial statements and accounting information, but also on extra-financial factors that integrate  values of environmental, ethical and social responsibility.

Returning   to the initial incipt, “Promoting SUSTAINABILITY” we can therefore argue that it becomes increasingly strategic for virtuous companies to commit themselves to a  more sustainable future; it is also essential that this strategy is communicated and publicized in its execution methods, emphasizing the fact that, in addition to being necessary to better safeguard the future, it is a fundamental reason for business development.

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