Packaging & Sustainable Packing

Packaging & Sustainable Packing

For any type of product to be shipped, the packaging with which it is protected and enhanced must always be considered as a primary element. In recent decades, the above has been entrusted almost exclusively to solutions composed of plastic or petroleum-derived material which, despite having some advantages, have however generated a series of problems related to the disposal of the same with serious repercussions related to the environment impacting then on everyday life.

This situation is now the reality to be faced transversally in any field of production and consumption that we want to examine it; associations, customers, institutions ask companies to apply sustainable solutions for packaging.

The demand for ecological packaging is no longer an alternative trend but a vital necessity that leads to an ever-increasing attitude towards consumer sustainability.

Recent market surveys have shown that consumer demand is progressively orienting companies towards sustainable packaging, whose global market will exceed a value of about 450 billion dollars by 2025, with an annual growth rate of + 7.7 percent.

Once the urgent general demand for ecological solutions has been outlined with certainty, the priority becomes the creation of sustainable packaging that virtuously takes into account even the “contour” details.

For example, the evaluation of the dimensions and the exploitation of packaging spaces allows you to ship more goods, reduce the number of transports and related costs as well as the advantages related to the logistical simplicity of storage in the warehouse.

The above and considering the greater and growing sensitivity of customers to the environment and the disposal of packaging, leads indispensably to have to concretely consider the transition to sustainable packaging.

This necessary “breakthrough” can and must be an opportunity to implement new strategies and to review and improve current end-of-line packaging procedures.

A possible and simple solution is identified with EVi-paK, a material made of corrugated cardboard covered with a self-adhesive glue that adheres to the product protecting it without leaving marks on the surface of the same.

Thanks to EVi-paK during transport and handling of the package, the product is effectively prevented from moving inside the packaging, thus ensuring high protection.

Quality, Productivity & Performance

Green solution made of recycled cardboard and coated with a natural self-adhesive glue, recyclable in paper.

Extremely easy to use: saves time in shipping activities; it is environmentally friendly because the absence of filling materials, welding film or adhesive tape for fixing, allows to reduce the amount of waste by significantly reducing the consumption of CO2 seen and considered the reduced volume of transport.

Convenient: EVi-paK is a guarantee of the essential; minimizes returns due to transport damage and, if necessary, allows re-use for return shipping; In fact, in addition to the costs of purchasing and disposing of a wide range of packaging and filling materials, EVi-paK also saves volume during shipping and therefore money.

This simple solution is one of the many possibilities that can be used to produce sustainable packaging: EVi-paK in addition to helping the environment has a positive impact on economic growth and corporate image.

In EVi we have ingenious products that simplify the choice of sustainable packaging for end-of-line activities, contact or visit usĀ with pleasure we will make available all our experienc

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