Green Packaging: Solutions for Companies/Customers and Environmental Respect

Green Packaging: Solutions for Companies/Customers and Environmental Respect

In recent years, the procedures for packaging, shipping and disposal of packaging have undergone significant changes that greatly influence the daily life of companies and end customers.

The new logic of demand and the market, lead consumers to prefer  the speed of delivery and the simplicity of the packaging, which must be green for the need for a single solution.

E-commerce has also radically transformed the daily habits of consumers that now receive more “essential ” items to the development of daily life.

In this scenario, more and more products are put into circulation on the market and this considerable increase irreparably generates the production of a huge amount of “waste materials” to be disposed of.

This new “necessity/situation” that accompanies all purchases, has increased the  awareness that waste is not just an inconvenience to manage, but a real problem that fills landfills and contributes to global warming  of the planet.

Companies and customers now want to see packaging solutions that break old “habits” (making differentiated waste obsolete with the related disposal costs) and that support environmental improvements.

This need therefore becomes a great opportunity for the entire sector to innovate the well-known procedures and materials, with improved and eco-sustainable solutions.

Packaging companies are focusing on using more recycled and recyclable materials and designing packaging products that require less while protecting more.

In this context, EVi is working to introduce new solutions with materials and types of packaging that can be disposed of in a single solution, thus giving further added value to the operational profitability of customers that choose to use them.

Among other possibilities, Evi also offers innovative  solutions that cannot be underestimated because they are certified as a “household compostable material”.  By virtue of the  process in which living microorganisms break down organic matter to make it fully assimilable by nature,composting is one of the most natural recycling systems in the world.

The line of “eco-consumable” material that  Evi proposes, is identified with the above described becausewe believe that companies and final consumers must be an integral part in the “construction” of the best possible packaging, both in the “closed” situation and when it is “emptied”.

The result of this sharing of individual experiences must lead to the creation of simple solutions, respectful of the  environment and that help to appreciate the importance of sustainability at 360 degrees.

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