EVi-Cube: packaging safety and perfect eco-compatibility

EVi-Cube: packaging safety and perfect eco-compatibility

EVi’s commitment to supporting the safety of packaging and perfect eco-compatibility continues by proposing EVi-CUBe, a complete line of table dispensers for the use of water-activated paper tape (WAT).

The EVi-Cube range  is designed for shipping and packaging environments that aim at production efficiency, active / passive safety of operators and guarantee of closure of the packaging, allowing the disposal of the same in a single solution respecting the environment in an extremely tangible way.

The maXitape version, entirely made of steel for industrial production environments, also allows the use of oversized rolls for continuous production.

The safety features of the EVi-Cube range  are guaranteed thanks to  thermal protection of the electronic equipment and safety interlock that disables the  cutting blade with the door opening.

The simplicity of use is truly unique: by opening the side panel, it is possible to load and unload the roll in absolute safety; again, all maintenance, configuration and setting operations of the machine are possible after opening the front and side doors.

For greater safety, the entire cutting unit is duly protected with a special casing.

Among the other features offered by EVi-Cube, there is the possibility to electronically adjust the length of the belt and program the machine according to the type of box to be closed; in addition, the EVi-Cube range provides for the use of a barcode reader to automatically size the lengths of tape necessary for the specific packaging.

Another interesting feature of the EVi-Cube range  is that of being able to enable the machine to launch and cut the pre-established ribbon, activating an optical reader with only the movement of the hands. This option allows the operator ease of maneuvering and increases productivity.

EVi-Cube is equipped with a high-performance automatic cutting device, the dispensing speed of 55 m/min and has a heating element to increase the grip of the belt in cold environments.

With EVi-Cube normal tapes can be used indistinctly, reinforced with sinusoidal wires and reinforced heavy with  rhomboid weave; the widths that can be accommodated by the dispenser start from 50 mm and reach 90 mm max (for standard versions).

Planning, assembly and design are strictly Made in Italy.


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